OPens November 16, 2019


Punkplay by GregORY S. Moss

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Zackary Stone Gearing as Mickey

Dempsey Bryk as Duck

Sadie Kuwano as Sue Giki

Mathew Dunlop as Chris Sawtelle

photos by Jeff Galfer


Punkplay is the story of Mickey and Duck,

Mickey and Duck are two teenage boys trying to makes sense of the world in the mess of 80s America. Through the music and culture of punk rock, they patch together a precarious identity, skating (literally) between the demands of an increasingly strict subculture and an authentic desire to break free from convention. A coming of age story in the form of a mixtape, punkplay is a theatrical love letter to loud music, irresponsible behavior and the beating heart of authenticity we all strive to preserve.

Featuring (in alphabetical order):

Dempsey Bryk, Mathew Dunlop, Zackary Stone Gearing and Sadie Kuwano

Produced by Jen Kays and Jennifer A. Skinner

Associate Produced by Dena Cerino

Co-Directed by Matt Bretz and Lisa Sanaye Dring

Set Design - Sibyl Wickersheimer

Lighting Design - Heather Carson

Sound Design - Jeff Gardner

Costume and Hair Design - Ann Closs-Farley

Puppet Design - Adam Lawrence

Prop Design - Nichole Baffone

Video Design - Dustin Hughes

Composition and Music Direction - Rob Cairns and Beth Thornley

Casting Director - Gayle Pillsbury

Fight and Intimacy Choreographer - Edgar Landa

Dramaturge - Ilana Turner

Production Stage Manager - Ashley Weaver

Associate Stage Manager Kathleen Ressegger

Crew - Jillian Lindner and Ruby Farley

"speaking is free falling is free swearing is free fucking is free failing is free fear is free music is free pain is free dreams are free your eyes and breath and hand are free" - Punkplay

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