Mission: Circle X Theatre Co. is a not-for-profit ensemble of artists dedicated to highly provocative, boldly theatrical productions of new and rarely-seen plays and the development of new works for the stage. We believe in imagination over budget, adrenaline over inertia, irreverence over convention and excellence over all.

About our facility: Circle X produces out of Atwater Village Theatre, a multi-disciplinary performance facility in the Atwater Village neighborhood of northeastern Los Angeles. AVT is located at 3269 Casitas Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039. The facility has two 99-seat theatres, two smaller black-box spaces, and several offices. For leasing information, please click here.

About the company: Circle X was founded in 1996 by seven theatre artists drawn together by a common desire to create an artistic home in Los Angeles. Innovation and the idea of "imagination over budget" is a guiding principle of our work, and we strive to make it the core of every element of production, beyond our selection of thought-provoking, highly theatrical plays. This extends into everything from design, performance and direction to administration and marketing, creating the unique aesthetic for which Circle X is known.

Logo History: Years ago, steamers carrying immigrants to America landed on Ellis Island in New York. These people arrived with hopes of making their homes in the new world: a world of promise where their voices would be heard and their dreams would be realized.

Upon their arrival, island officials marked their clothes with chalk symbols to categorize them for easy identification. Immigrants with a suspected mental defect were marked with an X. Doctors who observed a definite mental defect circled the X and the immigrants were immediately scheduled for deportation. Families were divided. Dreams were deferred. Hopes were left unrealized.

The circled "X" has been our moniker since 1996. It represents those who are misunderstood, ostracized or marked as "unfit for this world" before they have been granted a voice. The Circle X founders had a vision of producing high-quality theatre for theatre's sake in Los Angeles. We know anyone foolish enough to form and embrace such an ensemble in L.A. has a definite mental defect. Circle X strives to be Los Angeles' home for theatre artists craving innovation, intelligence and professionalism.

Today, through our new play development work, we support Los Angeles-based theatre artists interested in taking new plays from inception to production, and launching them onto a life beyond our stages.